And what if there is or was water on Mars?

On August 6, the 'Curiosity' rover landed on the Martian surface after an eight-month journey through space. In its first month of adventure on the red planet, the robot sends revealing images to Earth. The shape and arrangement of a series of rocks confirm what had been suspected for years: Mars had, at some time in its past, liquid water in the form of rivers or streams. Why does an accumulation of eroded sediments cause an international ovation? What implications does the water evidence have on the Martian crust?

The director of the Department of Planetology and Habitability of the CAB (Center of Astrobiology) and co-investigator of the mission MSL (Mars Science Laboratory, the official name of the 'Curiosity'), & nbsp; Jesus Martinez Frias , points in two directions. The first, the most obvious and instigating of a whole collection of texts and films of the genre -for the moment- of science fiction is extraterrestrial life. "The existence of water on Mars is directly related to the possibility of existence of life," explains Martínez Frías, although he points out that the current NASA rover is not specifically designed for the search for life.

From the scientific community "we are realizing that we can not understand well what is the Earth, what is happening in our environment if we do not study the context in which our planet has been formed, "argues Martínez Frías. That context would be formed by the so-called & nbsp; 'terrestrial planets' & nbsp; -Mercury , Venus, Earth, Moon and Mars - of which Mars is the closest to Earth. "There is a great deal of evidence that Mars had water in its first 1,000 million years and that it could develop a hydrological and hydrogeological cycle even before Earth," explains the scientist. < / div>


Fuente: ¿Y qué si hay o hubo agua en Marte?


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