"We encourage the critical spirit so that the public distinguishes the possible from the impossible"

Who came up with the idea of ​​organizing these days in which fragments of films are used to explain scientific phenomena?

The original idea came to my colleague Rogelio Sánchez Verdasco -secretary-general of the Spanish Association of Cinema and Scientific Imagery (ASECIC) - and me during a meeting at the Astrobiology Center. What we intend is to flee from the classic lectures uniting four factors: science, film, dissemination and social networks.

Will all the films that are screened at these conferences be scientific? < br>
We have decided that there are films in which the scientific theme arises collaterally or accidentally -for example in a western- but that, nevertheless, constitute the key to its use in scientific communication and dissemination. In my talk this happens in relation to meteorites, with The Bride of Steel, a western classic of 1952, directed by Gordon Douglas.





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